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Welcome to my website

The plan for this website? very simple. I want to use my skills to test new stuff on this site.

Currently working on:
1. Create a register system
2. Create a login system
3. Create a user system where you can change info
4. Language changer, I want 3 different languages:
  • Dutch
  • English
  • German
5. Let the user change his/her own profile picture
6. Make a guestbook/commentsystem
7. Display comments live as they get posted
8. Make a chat system
9. Dynamic styling for desktop and mobile view
10. Make a photo gallery
11. Make list items deleteable
12. Make lists deleteable
13. Make list name changeable
14. Make list items changeable
15. Make lists useable for all users
16. Change menu so it appears and disappears
17. Make a password reset system
18. Make privilege checker
19. Make lists shareable/groupable
20. Make shared lists editable for multiple users
21. Make list items changeable on mobile